Funding Announcements


Broad-based or Multi-Institute Programs and Initiatives

Title Funding Number Opening Date Closing Date Next Deadline
Modeling of Infectious Disease Agent Study Research Projects (R01)
PA-16-107 5/5/2016 5/8/2019

IC Specific Initiatives

Title Funding Number Opening Date Closing Date Next Deadline
Harnessing Big Data to Halt HIV

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to promote research that transforms understanding of HIV transmission, the HIV care continuum, and HIV comorbidities using Big Data Science (BDS). This FOA will support projects to assemble diverse big data sources, conduct robust and reproducible analyses, and create meaningful visualizations of big data, as well as, engage ethical experts where appropriate to ensure the development of this scientific area is guided by ethical principles.
PAR-18-764 8/7/2018 5/8/2021
From Genomic Association to Causation: A Convergent Neuroscience Approach for Integrating Levels of Analysis to Delineate Brain Function in Neuropsychiatry   (Collaborative R01) POC Geetha Senthil,Ph.D. (NIMH)
PAR-17-252 9/5/2017 9/8/2020
Discovering Novel Targets: The Molecular Genetics of Drug Addiction and Related Co-Morbidities (R01) PA-17-120 1/10/2017 1/8/2020
Translational Bioinformatics Approaches to Advance Drug Repositioning and Combination Therapy Development for Alzheimers Disease PAR-17-032 1/5/2017 1/8/2020
Program to Assess the Rigor and Reproducibility of Exosome-Derived Analytes for Cancer Detection (R21) PAR-16-277 9/13/2016 6/14/2019
Enhancing Science, Technology, EnginEering, and Math Educational Diversity (ESTEEMED) Research Education Experiences (R25) PA-17-211 4/25/2017 5/25/2019
The Application of Big Data Analytics to Drug Abuse Research (R01) PA-16-119 5/5/2016 5/8/2019 10/5/2016
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